by Brady Wade



Born and raised in Southern California, Brady Wade has been composes music for in a wide variety of genres, spanning from Rock, Country Rock, Alternative, R&B and Contemporary Christian.  Brady is currently writing, cowriting and recording with some of the best producers, studio musicians and undiscovered artists, from Los Angeles to the East Coast as well as in Europe and Spain.  Brady's musical art is rich with imagery, passion, soul, sincerity and depth.  Any song that makes it onto Brady Wade's catalog is heart felt, in some cases very personal,  and in all cases offered in love as a gift to the listener who's life is positively impacted by his music. 

Brady Wade is interested in working with new talent that are fully emersed in their craft yet needing great songs , someone to collaborate with and share ideas with.   To chat with Brady about your project, goals, and aspirations  give us a call.  Brady would love to help you create magic for your musical journey so you can always put your best foot forward.





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All Music, Lyrics, Vocals, Guitar, Piano on this site 

written by Brady Wade




Dominic Camardella, Music Producer, Santa Barbara, CA.  Producer of Hit Records with Depeche Mode, Kenny Loggins

and many other top music artists. 

"Brady WaDe is a songwriter that reminds you of what songwriting is really about.... Classic melodies and lyrics and ideas that include and apply to every genre that exists.  I find it a wonderful challenge working with Brady since he encourages creativity and uniqueness within the entire range of popular music stylings that span the last 50 years of great tunes and songwriting.  He stimulates my production ‘A’ game!"


Chris Julian, Music Producer, Emmy Award winner, Gold records with various artists, including Queen Lattifa.

"I have had the pleasure of recording and producing a unique songwriter; Brady Wayne. Brady is a wonderful writer, versed in all genres. We have recorded his Country songs, R&B, Alternative, Rock, Pop, Inspirational...you name it. He is open, capable, a consummate musician, and a delight to work with. Funny, upbeat; a people person...Brady also possesses a rare but critical quality necessary for truly great artistic craftsmanship; he listens!

 Whether it's from his session musicians, producer, co-writers, or even in the silence of a quiet moment, Brady listens for answers and inspiration, for elegant creative solutions that can come from anywhere...indeed even the occasional 'happy mistake' is welcome in his world. Most importantly, Brady loves what he does Music, creating, encouraging, inspiring, resonating...writing...these are what fuel Brady's fire. Brady honors these practices; ethics, hard work, fun, joy, respect for the art and people making it and receiving it.

 As a producer that has had the privilege of working with many 'stars', I have come to value another important attribute in creative minds; though also too rare; humility. Brady is one of those artists that is so busy making his art, and caring about others and their experience; how he can help and inspire... entertain or bring hope...that he doesn't have time to realize just how good he is at what he does.

 This is why his songs are great; there is love there, and authenticity...solid craftsmanship, humanity...he knows when to get out of the way and let a songs take on a life of its own.  Bravo, Brady! It is with great enthusiasm and respect that I endorse and encourage who I am proud to call my friend and collaborator; Brady Wayne."




Brady Wayne would like to thank all the talented Musicians, Singers and Engineers who assisted in recording his album. 


Produced by Brady Wayne

All Music and Lyrics written by Brady Wayne, registered by ASCAP

Vocals, Guitar, Piano / Brady Wayne

"No Vacancy"/ All music and vocals by Brady Wayne

"Not this Time"/ All music and vocals by Brady Wayne

"Through the Rain"/ All music and vocals by Brady Wayne

Credits on Good TImes: All Lyrics by Brady Wayne

Music by BWS and Produced by Nic Capelle

Vocals: NIc Capelle and Natalie Capelle

Guitars: Brady Wayne, Nic Capelle and Anthony Marks

Bass: Matt Littell

Drums: Macy Lucarelli

Horns and Sax: Juice Lopez, Josh Ferrer, Alex Syro


Keyboard, Piano on Dancelion, Sweeter, Daddy Don't Know/ Dom Camardella

Vocals on "Dandelion"and "Sweeter Than This"/ Will Gallivan

Vocals on "Lightning in a Jar"/ John and Anne Barbour

Piano and Strings  on "Lightning in a Jar"/Jeff Lams

Vocals on "Timeless"/  David Cagle

Vocals on "Daddy Don't Know"/ Lois Mahalia

Guitars on"Dandelion", "Sweeter" /Matt Tutor


Credits on "Daddy Don't Know"/:

Guitars/Ray Panell

Drums / Donzell Davis

Bass / Mychal Lomas

Bass  and Drums on "No Vacancy", "War song" and "Not this Time"/ Chris Julian
Bass and Drums on "Timeless" / Dom Camardella

"Stray Bullet"/  all Music, Vocals and Lyrics by Brady Wayne



Music Headshots/ Bryan Beasley Photography

Carmel Photos/Wondertribe Photography/Michael Kwiecinski

Dandelion/ Henry Vargas

Big Sur Trees/Erin Schmidt

Beach Sunrise/Brady Wayne



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