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Hardcore Mix: Behind-the-scenes

Interview, January 5, 2017

"So much talent, Brady Wade is someone you should know about!"

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The Music Maven Blog,

December 13, 2016

The first Single off the upcoming Brady Wade Sessions Volume 2 was just released,  Brady Wade and The Forgery Taken from Volume One and remixed by U.K. based artist, The Forgery, Justice features the vocal talents of Nic Capelle and Joy Oladokun.  The remix is a stripped down and revised version of the original song, but with an upbeat house touch to get you up and dancing! Tom Forgery (aka. The Forgery), heard the original track and was moved by it’s message.  Having lived in Africa for some time, Tom Forgery was witness to social injustice and racism first-hand.  He reached out to Brady Wade and Nic Capelle to collaborate on the track to create a re-envisioned version. The result was a light-hearted, feel-good track with a message about fairness that is thought-provoking, but that maintains an up-lifting energy.  Song will be available to purchase from iTunes, Spotify and other outlets in January, 2017. 

The Music Maven Blog,

September 7, 2016

“Angels in Disguise” is a honest and deeply revealing song about Brady Wade’s childhood.  It speaks of a child who has run away from home, sleeping outside, alone and terrified, with only the heavens to help him feel safe.  However, the child is met with Angels in Disguise which help lift him out of despair and loneliness to rise above the broken home he came from.  Desi Valentine and Brady Wayne worked to create lyrics which not only touch on the pain of a broken home, but the triumph over it.  This song is an amazing portrayal of finding inspiration in a tragic situation.  Nic Capelle, producer and songwriter/musician from Mad Revival, co-wrote the music and lyrics as well.  Desi Valentine’s vocals on the song are sublime.